With Fall in the air, joy and enthusiasm have returned to the halls of Regina Angelorum Academy.  Students, faculty, and families have renewed excitement about the new school year. For September, we embrace the Solemnity of our Lady of Sorrows on September 15th.

Like Catholics around the world, at Regina Angelorum Academy, we have entrusted ourselves to the Blessed Mother’s patronage.  Through this devotion, we are called to reflect on the profound suffering endured by the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as the incredible joy she experienced, as the mother of Jesus.  This month, we have a unique opportunity for contemplation, empathy, and connection to the heart of Mary’s experiences.

The History of the Devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows

The earliest Christians were devoted to Our Lady of Sorrows.  During the Middle Ages, this devotion gained prominence.  In the 13th Century, the Order of Servites was established. This Catholic religious order is dedicated to meditating on Mary’s seven sorrows.

In the 18th century, the Catholic Church formally recognized the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.  Pope Pius VII dedicated September 15th for this solemnity.  The feast commemorates seven significant moments in Mary’s life that caused profound sorrow.  These include:

  • The prophecy of Simeon
  • The flight to Egypt
  • The loss of the Child Jesus in the Temple
  • Meeting Jesus on the way to Calvary
  • The crucifixion and death of Jesus
  • The taking down of His body
  • Jesus’ burial

It is important to note that this devotion is not meant to focus solely on Mary’s sufferings. We remember her unwavering “yes” to God’s calling in her life.  Through the devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows, we are inspired by Mary’s strength and compassion.

The Significance of September

September is the appropriate time for the Feast of the Our Lady of Sorrows.  The changing seasons reflect transitions in life and remind us of the changing times in our lives.  Throughout our lives, we experience ups and downs…joys and sorrows.  The Blessed Virgin experienced unparalleled joys and intense sorrow. She is our inspiration and our strength.

Through our devotion to Our Lady of Sorrow, we also recall Mary’s role as our spiritual mother. She understands us.  She walks with us in moments of suffering. She intercedes for us to her Son and the Father.  Amid our pain, we can find strength in Mary.  By dedicating this month to Our Lady of Sorrows, we open our hearts to the profound lessons she offers, inviting her maternal guidance into our lives and finding solace in her unwavering presence.

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A Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows

Our lady of sorrows Regina Angelorum Academy

Our Lady of Sorrows: Virgin Mary lamenting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, her son. Feast Day September 15th. Patronage: Slovakia Hungary Poland Capas, Tarlac Malta Mississippi Ronda, Cebu Tanauan, Batangas Bustos, Bulacan Dolores, Quezon Pakil, Laguna

Dear Mother Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows,

In this month dedicated to your compassion and strength, we turn to you with hearts full of reverence and trust. You, who walked the path of sorrow beside your beloved Son, understand the depths of human suffering. Your unwavering faith, your enduring love, and your willingness to stand at the foot of the cross inspire us to face our own trials with courage and grace.

Mary, tender mother, teach us to embrace our sorrows as a means of drawing closer to your Son. As we reflect on the seven sorrows you experienced, may we find comfort in your presence and consolation in your intercession. Help us remember that through every tear and ache, you stand beside us, guiding us toward the light of your Son’s love.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us, that we may find strength in our weaknesses, hope in our despair, and the peace that only Christ can provide. Amen.