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Admissions FAQ

Admissions FAQ2023-04-13T16:53:48-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are your classes?2022-09-09T14:56:34-04:00

Regina Angelorum Academy has a 10:1 faculty-to-student ratio.

Do you have meals?2022-09-09T14:56:16-04:00

Yes, lunches are available for purchase three days/week. Families can opt in, or students are welcome to bring lunch from home every day of the week.

Do you provide busing?2022-09-09T14:55:59-04:00

Yes. Busing is available through your township if you live within 10 miles of the school. Please contact the main office for busing arrangements.

Do you have to be Catholic to attend Regina Angelorum Academy?2022-09-09T14:55:38-04:00

No. RAA accepts non-Catholic students and families into our community. Priority admission is given to practicing Catholics.

Do you offer a tuition discount for children with multiple families?2022-09-09T14:55:18-04:00

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a multi-child discount. But most families do qualify for tuition assistance, scholarships, grants and financial aid.

When can you apply?2022-09-09T14:54:51-04:00

Applications are taken at any time. But acceptance decisions are made by March 1st.

Do you offer financial aid, tuition assistance or scholarships?2022-09-09T14:54:31-04:00

Yes. All families are strongly encouraged to apply through FACTS. Many families qualify for tuition assistance, financial aid, grants and scholarships.

What is the tuition at Regina Angelorum?2022-09-09T14:54:08-04:00

Regina Angelorum is an independent, tuition-driven Catholic school. We receive no support from the diocese or a sponsoring parish. We make every effort to keep tuition as affordable as possible. The tuition for 2022-2023 is: Full Day Pre-K4-8th is $9,800; Half-day Pre-K 4 is $4,800 and Half-day Pre-K 3, three-days/week is $3,800. Tuition assistance, financial aid and scholarships are available.

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