Ann Coffey, Principal, Regina Angelorum AcademyDear Families,

We hope that you have enjoyed a restful and fun summer.  We are enthusiastic about welcoming 183 students from 89 families for the 2023-2024 school year!

We have been making numerous preparations and improvements to the school over the summer and we look forward to opening our doors on September 6th.Classrooms have been painted and renovated, our kitchen and basement restroom received much-needed upgrades, and the school has been deeply cleaned.

As Regina Angelorum Academy begins its 18th year, it is important to pause and express gratitude for our dedicated faculty. Our teachers have spent many weeks preparing for the new school year. They’ve worked tirelessly on new curriculum modules, developing lessons, and creating interactive and engaging activities to guide students on a journey of critical thinking, discovery, and growth.  The summer culminated in an off-site faculty retreat where teachers learned more about interior prayer and came together for curriculum meetings around History, Science, Religion and Latin.

As the school year begins at Regina Angelorum Academy, we are reminded of the important foundation of timeless values and traditions that form the foundation of classical Catholic education. Our dedication to moral integrity, academic excellence, and spiritual development is unwavering.

St. John Bosco  comes to mind as we begin a new academic year. St. John Bosco, the patron saint of youth, served the poorest children in Italy.  He developed a preventative method of education which relied on prevention of behavioral problems instead of the repressive methods of his time. These preventative methods were centered on reason, religion and loving care of the students.  As Catholic school educators, we believe in this approach. Together, we will strive to foster an environment where each student can flourish academically, spiritually, and socially.

At Regina Angelorum Academy, we believe that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. The heart of successfully educating children lies in the strength of a true partnership and frequent collaboration between families and the school. Parents and guardians provide invaluable support and involvement that influences the growth of our students.  Our Parents Guild provides a partnership between parents and the school administration. We look forward to kicking off the year with our first meeting on September 27.

As we begin a new school year with our Catholic faith as our guide, we will embrace the challenges and triumphs to come. I am confident that with God’s continued blessings and grace, and our collective commitment to our students’ education, we will have another extraordinary school year.

Welcome back to Regina Angelorum Academy!

God Bless,

Mrs. Ann Coffey