“This process of training, by which the intellect, instead of being formed or sacrificed to some particular or accidental purpose, some specific trade or profession, or study or science, is disciplined for its own sake, for the perception of its own proper object, and for its own highest culture, is called Liberal Education…”           St. John Henry Newman on Classic Catholic Education

Classic Catholic Education

Regina Angelorum Academy is a Classic Catholic Education school. Committed to forming students as whole persons, the RAA community strives to 

Seek Wisdom in Tradition {Truth}

  • Our understanding of the truth is a gift to us from those who have come before
  • The wisdom of the past preparing us to meet the needs of the present
  • Yes to:
    • Grounding in tradition through Bible and catechism
    • Reading primary sources
    • Teaching Latin
  • No to: 
    • Latest educational fads
    • Most textbooks

Delight in the Real {Beauty}

  • Leisure as central to learning
  • Encounter with real things, through relationships, scientific study, and the sacraments
  • Yes to:
    • Genuine conversation
    • Nature Study
    • Sacramental encounter
  • No to:
    • Chromebooks
    • Social media
    • Virtual substitutes for real encounter with people and things

Cultivate Virtue {Goodness}

  • All education is primarily education of character
  • Only through virtue can truth be proclaimed in such a way as to speak to the needs of the world
  • Yes to:
    • Virtue curriculum, virtue emphasized throughout the curriculum
    • Character training, of all students, but especially middle school
    • Training in love of learning
  • No to:
    • Education focused only on skills, not on character

Classic Catholic Education from Regina Angelorum Academy.