Dear Prospective Parents,

Researching schools and discovering the best educational environment for your children is one of the most important decisions you make for your child’s development and formation. As a mother and educator, I can personally understand the importance and weight of this decision for your family. My hope is that I can share more about Regina Angelorum Academy to help make navigating whether our school would be the right fit for your child an easier experience.

Regina Angelorum Academy is a private, independent, Catholic grade school for students in Pre-K through 8th grade located in Ardmore, PA with a student body from four counties.  What makes our school unique is our faithfully Catholic Classical Liberal Arts Education and caring faculty and family community. Our Catholic faith is woven into the fabric of every aspect of school life, including our academic classes, extracurricular activities, and how we strive to interact with one another with our faith as a foundation.

A Classical Education, at its foundation, focuses on a child’s intellectual, physical, and spiritual development. This type of curriculum, combined with our faith formation, brings children to Christ. Children grow in wisdom and virtue. Ultimately, students learn to appreciate and are inspired by the truth, beauty, and goodness that is in the world around us.

This way of learning also allows them – and we encourage them – to ask “why?” so that they become lifelong learners and can articulately express themselves throughout their lives.

We also believe in the importance of preserving childhood and offering a safe and wholesome environment independent of the confusing messages and trending ideas of the world.

One way that we do this is by asking families and prospective parents to participate in our Wait Until 8th Program which delays giving children smart phones, social media, or chatting apps until after their time at our school. This enables us to remain closer as a community and live out our school’s mission. We are a school focused on Catholic Faith formation, classical wisdom, virtue in action, and to be true to who we are. 

Finally, our families and prospective parents are the embodiment of our virtues in action. As Catholic families striving to live their faith in every aspect of daily life and at home, our families offer a warm, welcoming, and enthusiastic family environment with Christ at the center. Service to each other is second nature for our community.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about our school. Please feel free to learn more by looking through this website. If you would like to consider Regina Angelorum Academy for your child, please contact me to meet in person and schedule a tour to experience our school. 

God Bless,

Ann Coffey, Principal