alternative to homeschoolThe value of going to school has been an accepted part of our society for centuries, however, in the last few years, many parents have sought alternatives to traditional, public education. through homeschooling.  A recent article called homeschooling America’s “fastest growing educational trend.”

Homeschooling was especially attractive immediately after the pandemic.  Parents continue to be interested in homeschooling because of concerns about safety, political agendas, and their desire to raise children in a faith-filled environment.

However, homeschooling has limitations, especially for Pre-K students who benefit from being around other children their age.  Parents are often surprised at the unexpected costs of homeschooling with online curricula, school supplies, etc.  Homeschooling parents have the added responsibility of creating social opportunities for their children.  Children learning at home miss out on group play like kickball or working in groups with students who come from different backgrounds.

Regina Angelorum Academy offers an authentically Catholic private grade school, for parents who are not satisfied with public schools, but still want their children to have a wholesome, engaging, and robust school experience.

Regina Angelorum Academy’s Pre-K: Inspired by Charlotte Mason and Dr. Maria Montessori

Charlotte Mason’s Influence at Regina Angelorum Academy

Pre-K students at Regina Angelorum benefit from a unique curriculum that draws from brilliant educational innovators Charlotte Mason and Dr. Maria Montessori.

Charlotte Mason believed in respecting the child and protecting the wholesomeness of childhood.  She believed that each child is a unique person with fundamental dignity.  At Regina Angelorum Academy, our Pre-K is based on this belief.

As a Catholic school, Regina Angelorum sees each child as a unique and beloved son or daughter of God which strongly aligns with Charlotte Mason’s philosophy.  We draw from her insights.  Regina Angelorum Academy’s Pre-K curriculum focuses on outdoor education and nature as well as art and literature.  We craft short lessons that emphasize the truth, beauty and goodness of God’s creation, especially His children.

Education at Regina Angelorum Academy

Regina Angelorum Academy’s Pre-K is also built on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. Her educational innovation is research-based. Montessori spent a lifetime observing students and crafting a child-centered curriculum, emphasizing the development of independence, self-discipline, and a love of learning.

Regina Angelorum Academy’s Pre-K draws on Montessori’s approach, allowing children to explore, learn, and grow at their own pace.  Our curriculum also incorporates Charlotte Mason’s focus on art, literature, nature, and cultural experiences.

Regina Angelorum is an Alternative to Homeschooling

Today, parents are seeking safe alternatives to public schools.  They are looking for educational opportunities that value their role as parents. Parents want to protect the wholesomeness of childhood.  Homeschooling offers an attractive alternative to the public school system and may be the right solution for some children. At the same time, homeschooling parents face challenges including the cost of programs and the need to find appropriate social interactions for their children.

Regina Angelorum Academy partners with many families who have chosen to homeschool in the past and are looking for the next school. We have also partnered with families seeking an alternative to homeschooling. We have a shared mission in protecting the wholesomeness of childhood.  Because our Pre-K program specifically draws from Charlotte Mason and Maria Montessori, parents find offers similarities to homeschooling that they cannot find elsewhere.

Charlotte Mason and Dr. Maria Montessori were educational innovators who respected the child, recognized them as unique individuals, and crafted educational programs encouraging strong social development, academic growth, and ultimately encouraged a love of learning.  We hope to bring these same principles and educational experiences to each child at Regina Angelorum Academy.