Female student studying in her notebook at Regina Angelorum.Regina Angelorum Academy has invested in the Ruah Woods Curriculum for first through eight grade students.  This set of lessons and classroom activities adapts St. John Paul the Great’s Theology of the Body into a dynamic program for Catholic schools.

Regina Angelorum Academy is a private, Catholic grade school dedicated to protecting the wholesomeness of childhood, while at the same time, preparing them for the challenges our culture presents. This is a tall order today.  Children need protection.  Marriage is under attack.  The family is undermined by the media.  In this world of confusion, the Catholic Church stands a testament to the truth.  Children and parents need to be grounded in these truths as they confront the challenges posed by society, media, popular culture and more.

Ruah Woods Curriculum at RAA

Two years ago, Regina Angelorum Academy introduced the Ruah Woods Curriculum.  It’s been a tremendous success.  “We were looking for a way to effectively bring John Paul II’s Theology of the Body to the classroom.  The Ruah Woods curriculum provided RAA with a thorough course of study for our 1st through 8th grade students,” noted Ann Coffey, Principal at Regina Angelorum Academy.

The Ruah Woods curriculum is taught at Regina Angelorum during the first half of the year.  RAA faculty member, Kathleen Dalton notes that, “the program helps students understand their dignity as male and female.”  Chapters cover topics including: The Sacredness of Life, Vocation and The Family.  Throughout the curriculum students also read from the Book of Genisis. This provides the scriptural foundation for the Church’s teachings on marriage and the family.

The Ruah Woods Curriculum

The Ruah Woods Curriculum is a unique program developed by the Ruah Woods Institute.  The curriculum adapts the Theology of the Body into lesson plans and activities for grade school and high school students.

The Ruah Woods Institute is “a group of Catholic scholars and educators” who “help people find answers to the hard questions by offering a range of resources.”  Ruah Woods has crafted a K-12 curriculum, provides training and support for teachers, catechists and homeschooling parents.

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While the Ruah Woods Institute does provide training, Kathleen Dalton notes that “the best training is to read the Theology of the Body.”  She adds that this is the best way to grow in the truths of marriage, family and human sexuality.  Ms. Dalton reports that many families have taken it upon themselves to study the Theology of the Body.

Parents Love the Ruah Woods Curriculum

Parents love the program.  Many have reported that they feel the Ruah Woods program, along with the Theology of the Body have equipped them to deal with challenging issues facing their children.

Regina Angelorum Academy is dedicated to preparing students for the challenges of our culture while protecting the wholesomeness of childhood.  The Ruah Woods Curriculum complements other initiatives we promote such as the Wait Until After 8th Pledge whereby parents promise to hold off on providing technology like smart phones and connected devices until after 8th grade.