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The Value of Going to School


The value of going to school has been an accepted part of our society for centuries, however, in the last few years, many parents have sought alternatives to traditional, public education. through homeschooling.  A recent article called homeschooling America’s “fastest growing educational trend.” Homeschooling was especially attractive immediately after the pandemic.  Parents continue to be interested in homeschooling because of concerns about safety, political agendas, and their desire to raise children in a faith-filled environment. However, homeschooling has limitations, especially for Pre-K students who benefit from being around other children their age.  Parents are often surprised at the unexpected costs of [...]

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An Alternative to Homeschooling


Perhaps with good reason, homeschooling is on the rise. A recent Washington Post article called it America’s “fastest growing educational trend.” Homeschooling peaked immediately following the pandemic.  The number of homeschooled students dropped slightly in 2022-2023, but the overall number of homeschooled students is still higher than pre-pandemic enrollment figures. Homeschooling was once a niche option for a small group of parents who were interested in educational alternatives.  The COVID-19 pandemic caused many parents to rethink traditional education, especially in public schools. According to the Reason Foundation, parents have turned to homeschooling for several key reasons including their questions concerning the [...]

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