Summer break a time to relax by Principal Ann Coffey

Principal Ann Coffey

Summer break offers time to relax, have fun, travel and much more.  It is an opportunity to explore, learn, and make cherished memories with family and friends.  Our faith is central to our lives, not only September through June, but all year long.  The summer months provide a special and unique time to consider the value of our Catholic faith and the importance of Catholic education.

Some of the greatest memories of summer are made in the warm sun, swimming in cool pools, and traveling to see friends and new places. While enjoying summer, here are some summer “assignments” to carry with you on your summer journey:

  1. Embrace Gratitude
    God is good!  Thank Him each day for His many blessings.  Thank him for the love of your family, the joy of friendship, and the beauty of the season.
  2. Nurture Your Spirituality
    The summer is a perfect time to reflect on the great gift of God’s creation and the beauty in the world around us.  Experience the sacraments by going to Mass each week and going to Confession this summer.  Pray the Rosary while walking on the beach, on a bike ride, or hiking along a trail.
  3. Continue to Learn
    Summer is not a time to pause the  quest for knowledge. Dive into the captivating world of books, explore new hobbies, or engage in activities that ignite curiosity. Learning is a continuous and lifelong journey.
  4. Build Lasting Friendships: God’s love for us shines through our ability to connect with others and friendships, both old and new, make summer so special:
    Summer friends can be some of the best friends!  Take time to make new friends at camp, down the shore, in summer sports leagues, and in your neighborhood.  During the summer, build relationships and new memories to last a lifetime.

Each of our Regina Angelorum Academy students offer unique and special gifts with great potential to impact the world positively. Our Catholic education, whether it is during the school year or through a summer adventure, instills the values of love, respect, and integrity. Carry these virtues with you wherever you go. Until fall, when we welcome you back to school, gaze on the stars that grace our summer nights, and may God’s love always guide and protect you.

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