Applying for High School

Fall 7th Grade

Visit Fall Open Houses. Consider visiting area high school open houses for a tour to learn more about the high schools you may be interested in attending.

March 7th Grade

Schedule a shadow visit. Sign up for 7th grade visitation and shadow days at area high schools.

Spring 7th Grade

Take the practice test. Register to take the HSPT (High School Practice Test). Various Catholic and Private Schools offer this exam on different dates in the spring. This test does not count toward your admissions application, but provides valuable practice.

Summer Between 7th and 8th Grades

Prepare for Fall HSPT, Teacher Recommendation Letters, and Applications

  1. Review HSPT study book to become familiar with exam content and format.
  2. Register for an RAA HSPT prep class during the summer. Most Catholic and private schools will use your Fall 8th grade score for their consideration of scholarship awards and acceptance into the school.
  3. Consider which teachers would be best to write a letter of recommendation and whether any areas of specialization should be considered. Summer preparation allows you to politely ask teachers upon returning to school in the Fall. Student requests should be made early with follow-up from parents. Remember that teachers may have many requests, so being courteous of their time and planning ahead will support teachers and allow your students to practice a valuable life skill.
  4. Research area schools that are of interest you. Consider the school size and whether it is an Archdiocesan, private, or independent school. Check websites for tuition and admissions information. Review their application process deadlines and available scholarships.

Fall of 8th Grade

  1. Sign up to take the HSPT at schools you’re interested in attending.
  2. Request teacher recommendation letters.
  3. Plan to visit schools on Shadow Days and/or Fall Open House Days.
  4. Complete Admissions Applications for schools you’re interested in attending.
  5. Request transcripts directly from the RAA office. Please request these allowing plenty of time for compilation.

Note: Parents must notify teachers if students will be absent from school for high school visits. Students are responsible for making up missed work.

God Bless You and Congratulations!