At Regina Angelorum Academy, we believe that parents are the primary educators of their children.  We are here to work with parents to educate their children and help bring them to Christ through a rigorous Classical Catholic education. One way in which we accomplish this task is by creating a strong community which includes parents in ways that go beyond volunteering, coaching or serving on the Parents Guild.   Regina Angelorum Academy organizes programs and hosts events open to parents, extended family and the wider Catholic community.  From annual events like our Gala and our Valentine’s Day Dinner to First Friday Mass, Regina Academy works to strengthen our entire school community.  One of the most unique features of our school community is our Parent Reading Groups.

Regina Angelorum Parent Reading Groups

The Regina Angelorum Parent Reading Groups are one of many unique programs we host to strengthen our school community.  The groups range from 6 to 20 parents.  Folks love the chance to gather in each other’s homes, enjoy some light refreshments and jump into inspiring and thought-provoking books with the discussion led by a faculty member.

RAA faculty member Mr. Eric Mauer, Director of Classical Engagement, describes the purpose of the Parent Reading Groups with the following observation:

“Some have argued, no doubt rightly so, that intellectuals, and especially philosophers, will not save the world. That what the world needs is a change of heart. While in no way gainsaying this truth, we must insist that ideas (to be trite) do have consequences, and that even very well-intentioned and good-hearted people today, as well as in the past, are often wrong-headed, if right-hearted, and that their inadequate ideas do have disastrous consequences for the world. It has been due in part to the absence of proper philosophical ideas that so much evil has befallen us from the hands of so few very bad people, with the assent of the many not-so-bad but misguided individuals who form society. Nature abhors a vacuum, and this holds as much for the intellectual world as for the physical. Where ignorance of solid principles abounds, errors rush in. And since philosophy is concerned with the highest and most important truths that are accessible to unaided human reason, it follows that a vacuum here will have the direst consequences for humanity.”

Books We’re Reading

Several Parent Reading Groups are organized each year.  In January and February, participating parents are meeting to discuss Aristotle’s The Categories.  This seminal work by one of the Western World’s most important philosophers provides a foundation for understanding the very nature of existence and knowledge itself.    Aristotle’s work greatly influenced Catholic theologians like St. Thomas Aquinas, making it an ideal book for RAA parents to digest and discuss.

On Christian Doctrine by St. Augustine and Handbook of Catholic Apologetics by Peter Kreet will be discussed in March and April.  These important works also parallel the curriculum of Regina Angelorum Academy, giving parents an adult perspective on the academic program their children experience each day.

Click here to see our upcoming books.  To sign up for our Parent Reading Groups, click here.

Parent Groups

The Regina Angelorum Parent Reading Groups which meet throughout the school year are just one of many opportunities for involvement.  RAA parents volunteer in school and serve as CYO coaches.  One of the best ways for parents to get involved is through the Parents Guild.  This organization is a vital link between the school and the parent community.  To learn more about ways you can volunteer at Regina Angelorum, email the school at


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