first friday First Friday has a special meaning at Regina Angelorum Academy.  For Catholics, certain practices carry a profound significance that resonates across generations. The First Friday Devotion is one such practice.  For the students, faculty and families at Regina Angelorum Academy, First Friday is ingrained into the school’s curriculum and culture.

Exploring the First Friday Devotion

The First Friday Devotion is rooted in the veneration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus first made popular by Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque in the 17th century.  Christ’s Sacred Heart is a reminder of His boundless love, compassion, and willingness to embrace humanity’s sufferings. Traditionally observed on the first Friday of each month, this devotion to the Sacred Heart invites believers to engage in acts of adoration, reparation, and communion. It is through this practice that the tradition of First Friday Mass emerged.

The First Friday Experience at Regina Angelorum Academy

At Regina Angelorum Academy, the First Friday Devotion takes on a special significance. Students and teachers celebrate First Friday Mass together.  The collective school community, including parents, grandparents, and friends, are invited to join us.  Sharing this devotion together becomes a tangible expression of our shared faith.

The First Friday Mass is a time of reflection, offering students and the entire Regina Angelorum Academy community the opportunity to refocus our hearts on the love and mercy symbolized by the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Connecting with Tradition

The tradition of the First Friday Devotion is reinforced at Regina Angelorum Academy.  By celebrating Mass together on First Friday, the entire Regina Angelorum community is united with the Catholic Church in sharing this ancient custom.  The devotion’s significance lies in its historical roots and its ability to foster spiritual growth, community, and a deeper connection with Christ.

The First Friday Devotion is a poignant reminder of the depth of Catholic spirituality and the enduring power of tradition. At Regina Angelorum Academy, this practice takes on a vibrant life, offering students a chance to nurture their faith while pursuing academic excellence. As students and faculty come together on First Fridays to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus by celebrating Mass, we are further united as a community of faith committed to authentically Catholic education.

About Regina Angelorum Academy

Regina Angelorum Academy, a private Catholic grade school in Ardmore, PA, transforms students entrusted by bringing them to God. Founded to provide a wholesome and rigorous classical Catholic education, Regina Angelorum Academy creates an environment where students are encouraged to grow in their faith and deepen their relationship with Christ.