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What is the National Latin Exam?


The National Latin Exam is an annual test given to Latin students in the US and from other nations.  The exam is not a competition, but is intended to recognize students for their study of this classical language. RAA is one of only eight grade schools in the U.S. that competes in this program. 

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What are the School Houses?


1st through 8th Grade students are assigned to one of six school houses named after Catholic Saints  Frassati, Drexel, Martin, JPII, Guadalupe, and Jogues.  The school house system is another small community, in addition to the class homeroom, to form friendships and serve others.  Each house contains a cross-section of students from each grade, with the 8th grade students serving as house captains. Regina Angelorum Academy students are inducted into one of six houses named for Catholic Saints:  Frassati, Drexel, Martin, JPII, Guadalupe, and Jogues. Students compete for points each month to win the house cup and earn a special treat [...]

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What is Declamation?


Declamation is the “art of speaking.”  In class and during after school activities, students at RAA learn and practice how to give speeches.  Students select a poem, narration or speech to memorize each year, beginning in 3rd grade, and enter into the Regina Academies Declamation Competition.

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What is the Wait Until After 8th Pledge?


We ask parents to promise to hold off on providing students with smart phones, other connected devices and social media.  We want to protect the wholesomeness of childhood.  Today, easy access to the internet exposes children to issues for which they are not ready.  Further, access to social media has become a platform for bullying.

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