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Parent Reading Groups at Regina Angelorum Academy


At Regina Angelorum Academy, we believe that parents are the primary educators of their children.  We are here to work with parents to educate their children and help bring them to Christ through a rigorous Classical Catholic education. One way in which we accomplish this task is by creating a strong community which includes parents in ways that go beyond volunteering, coaching or serving on the Parents Guild.   Regina Angelorum Academy organizes programs and hosts events open to parents, extended family and the wider Catholic community.  From annual events like our Gala and our Valentine’s Day Dinner to First Friday Mass, [...]

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The Civil Rights of the Theology of the Body


This month, Regina Angelorum Academy students are taking an intensive look at St. Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body through the perspective of civil rights and civil liberties.  Black History Month provides an ideal context for understanding the connection between the Catholic teaching on the sanctity of human life and the religious foundation of the Civil Rights Era in the United States. In February, 5th through 8th grade students will dive into primary source materials to explore the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.  Students will be reading Martin Luther King’s, “I Have a Dream” speech and “Letter from [...]

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RAA Announces Appointment of Mr. Patrick Boyden as RAA’s First President


RAA Board of Trustees Announce Appointment of First School President, Mr. Patrick Boyden The RAA Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Patrick Boyden as RAA’s first President. Mr. Boyden will join RAA from Independence Mission Schools (IMS), where he has served as the Deputy Chief of Operations and Enrollment.  The Board determined that adopting a President/Principal leadership model will help ensure that the day-to-day administration remains personally engaged with the needs of our students, faculty, and parents, while solidifying the school’s accelerating growth. In spring 2023, the Board began a national search and interviewed the top [...]

RAA Announces Appointment of Mr. Patrick Boyden as RAA’s First President2024-01-30T17:24:46-05:00

Catholic Schools Week at Regina Angelorum


Catholic Schools Week is from January 28 - February 3. For new parents and those who may not be familiar with this tradition, Catholic Schools Week allows Regina Angelorum Academy and other Catholic schools nationwide to celebrate our commitment to faith, excellence, and service. The History of Catholic Schools Week Catholic Schools Week started in 1974.  The National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) organized the first Catholic Schools Week to highlight the distinct mission of Catholic schools.  The idea came during a tumultuous decade.  NCEA created Catholic Schools Week to reaffirm the Church’s commitment to providing a rigorous education, rooted in Christ [...]

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Regina Angelorum: Beyond the March for Life


This month, Regina Angelorum Academy students, faculty and family members will attend the 2024 March for Life in Washington DC. This annual event rallies the pro-life community around the cause of respecting the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. RAA students go beyond the March for Life by spending the month studying about the sanctity of all human life. January 2024 marks the 50th Anniversary of the March for Life.  According to PCC, churches and the pro-life community have “committed themselves to observing the sanctity of human life while praying for our nation and the prolife movement.” Regina [...]

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The Value of Going to School


The value of going to school has been an accepted part of our society for centuries, however, in the last few years, many parents have sought alternatives to traditional, public education. through homeschooling.  A recent article called homeschooling America’s “fastest growing educational trend.” Homeschooling was especially attractive immediately after the pandemic.  Parents continue to be interested in homeschooling because of concerns about safety, political agendas, and their desire to raise children in a faith-filled environment. However, homeschooling has limitations, especially for Pre-K students who benefit from being around other children their age.  Parents are often surprised at the unexpected costs of [...]

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The History and Symbolism of the Advent Wreath


The history and symbolism of the Advent wreath draws on Catholic tradition and teaching.  Advent marks the beginning of the Catholic liturgical year.  The Advent wreath is an anticipated and welcomed addition to Catholic churches and homes, appearing after Thanksgiving and signaling the count-down until Christmas. The Meaning of Advent Advent comes from a Latin word meaning “a coming, approach, arrival.”  Advent, which begins the new liturgical year, is a time of joy-filled anticipation.  As Catholics, Advent reminds us that we are a people in darkness, awaiting the light of our Lord and Savior. Origins of the Advent Wreath The history [...]

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An Alternative to Homeschooling


Perhaps with good reason, homeschooling is on the rise. A recent Washington Post article called it America’s “fastest growing educational trend.” Homeschooling peaked immediately following the pandemic.  The number of homeschooled students dropped slightly in 2022-2023, but the overall number of homeschooled students is still higher than pre-pandemic enrollment figures. Homeschooling was once a niche option for a small group of parents who were interested in educational alternatives.  The COVID-19 pandemic caused many parents to rethink traditional education, especially in public schools. According to the Reason Foundation, parents have turned to homeschooling for several key reasons including their questions concerning the [...]

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First Friday at Regina Angelorum


First Friday has a special meaning at Regina Angelorum Academy.  For Catholics, certain practices carry a profound significance that resonates across generations. The First Friday Devotion is one such practice.  For the students, faculty and families at Regina Angelorum Academy, First Friday is ingrained into the school’s curriculum and culture. Exploring the First Friday Devotion The First Friday Devotion is rooted in the veneration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus first made popular by Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque in the 17th century.  Christ’s Sacred Heart is a reminder of His boundless love, compassion, and willingness to embrace humanity's sufferings. Traditionally observed [...]

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Walking and Praying: Regina Angelorum’s Annual Walkathon


Walking and Praying:  Regina Angelorum's Annual Walkathon brings our entire community together.  This is a chance to be united in prayer and in service to the school.  . Our neighbors in Ardmore have become accustomed to seeing Regina Angelorum students and families walk through the community during our Annual Walkathon. When people see us passing, they also notice that we’re doing more than just walking; our walking is a form of prayer, coming together as a community, and enjoying God’s creation.  The Regina Angelorum Academy Walkathon The Regina Angelorum Academy Annual Walkathon unites the students, faculty, and families. This important fundraiser supports the [...]

Walking and Praying: Regina Angelorum’s Annual Walkathon2023-10-13T15:55:19-04:00
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