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Embracing the Solemnity of Our Lady of Sorrows: A September Devotion


With Fall in the air, joy and enthusiasm have returned to the halls of Regina Angelorum Academy.  Students, faculty, and families have renewed excitement about the new school year. For September, we embrace the Solemnity of our Lady of Sorrows on September 15th. Like Catholics around the world, at Regina Angelorum Academy, we have entrusted ourselves to the Blessed Mother’s patronage.  Through this devotion, we are called to reflect on the profound suffering endured by the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as the incredible joy she experienced, as the mother of Jesus.  This month, we have a unique opportunity for contemplation, [...]

Embracing the Solemnity of Our Lady of Sorrows: A September Devotion2023-09-13T14:36:17-04:00

Welcome Back


Dear Families, We hope that you have enjoyed a restful and fun summer.  We are enthusiastic about welcoming 183 students from 89 families for the 2023-2024 school year! We have been making numerous preparations and improvements to the school over the summer and we look forward to opening our doors on September 6th.Classrooms have been painted and renovated, our kitchen and basement restroom received much-needed upgrades, and the school has been deeply cleaned. As Regina Angelorum Academy begins its 18th year, it is important to pause and express gratitude for our dedicated faculty. Our teachers have spent many weeks preparing for [...]

Welcome Back2023-09-29T14:52:15-04:00

The Whole Story: Regina Angelorum and Classical Catholic Education


In today’s modern education landscape, where technological advancements and evolving teaching methodologies dominate the classroom, a classical education offers a timeless and profound approach to learning. According to an article in First Things, which was then reported in Fox News, “over 200 classical schools have opened in the US over the past two years.” While the growth of classical education in recent years has captured the hearts and minds of parents seeking a holistic, well-rounded education for their children, sixteen years ago, the founding parents and teachers of Regina Angelorum already knew that this approach to education would provide the best [...]

The Whole Story: Regina Angelorum and Classical Catholic Education2023-09-13T11:46:19-04:00

Summer Break: A Time to Relax and More!


From our principal, Ann Coffey Summer break offers time to relax, have fun, travel and much more.  It is an opportunity to explore, learn, and make cherished memories with family and friends.  Our faith is central to our lives, not only September through June, but all year long.  The summer months provide a special and unique time to consider the value of our Catholic faith and the importance of Catholic education. Some of the greatest memories of summer are made in the warm sun, swimming in cool pools, and traveling to see friends and new places. While enjoying summer, here are [...]

Summer Break: A Time to Relax and More!2023-09-13T14:56:28-04:00

That Catholic Roots of Halloween


All Hallows’ Eve: The Catholic Roots of Halloween Americans aren’t used to thinking of Halloween as a religious holiday. With all the horror movies, the skulls and gory figurines on peoples’ lawns and the – well, spookiness – the Catholic roots of Halloween now generally lie six feet under people’s minds. This is precisely why it’s time to dig up these roots. As many know, Halloween (or Hallowe’en) is a shortened version of “All Hallows’ Eve”. As such, it is the vigil or “eve” of the Solemnity of All Saints Day (or Feast of All Hallows) on November 1. Just as [...]

That Catholic Roots of Halloween2023-07-25T17:06:34-04:00

The Feast of the Holy Rosary


October is one of two Marian Months dedicated by the Catholic Church to Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary. This month we look at The Feast of the Holy Rosary. The year was 1571.  The Catholic Church and Christianity faced a growing threat from Muslim conquerors who were on the march from the Middle East.  For some time, the Ottoman Empire was aggressively expanding its territory, seizing Christian communities, killing those who would not reject the Catholic Faith.  In 1570, the Ottomans laid siege to a Venetian colony on the isle of Cyprus.  Outnumbered, the Venetians surrendered on the condition that [...]

The Feast of the Holy Rosary2023-01-16T13:37:24-05:00

Cardinal Mueller Celebrates the Regina Academies


On Sunday October 9th, 2022, The Regina Academies hosted Gerhard Cardinal Mueller for a reception at Ivy Hall in Philadelphia.  Cardinal Mueller, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, was in Philadelphia for a symposium hosted by The Neumann Forum.  This provided the perfect opportunity for the Regina Academies to host the Cardinal during a small reception and cocktail party. Approximately sixty guests representing Regina Luminis, Regina Coeli, Regina Angelorum and Regina Academy at St. John the Baptist schools gathered at Ivy Hall.  Guests included members of each schools’ boards of directors, administration, faculty, and donors.  Cardinal [...]

Cardinal Mueller Celebrates the Regina Academies2022-10-21T10:05:19-04:00

The Catholic School Advantage


Every child is uniquely different and has their own strengths and challenges. We love that about our students because that’s what makes our school community at Regina Angelorum Academy so diverse, the way God beautifully designed it. There are certain skills that prepare our students well for high school and beyond. Here are a few that Catholic educators are proud to nurture and develop in our students. 1.   They take direction well Small class sizes allows for more one on one attention and small group instruction. This gives more opportunity for students to receive specific directions and the attention and feedback [...]

The Catholic School Advantage2023-05-03T16:24:38-04:00

Celebrating St. John Baptist de La Salle


Regina Angelorum Academy, a Catholic School in Ardmore, PA, celebrates Saint John Baptist de La Salle as he is the patron saint of all those who work in education. His commitment to excellence in Catholic education and to exceptional teaching is well aligned with the mission of RAA, including the Classical Curriculum it offers. The Catholic Church celebrates St. John Baptist de La Salle’s feast day on April 7th, however many people honor and celebrate him on May 15th which is known as Founder’s Day as he is also the founder of Brothers of Christian Schools. “John Baptist de La Salle [...]

Celebrating St. John Baptist de La Salle2022-09-23T17:24:29-04:00
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