Technology at Regina Angelorum Academy

Educational technology is a wonderful tool.  But today, it has distracted from true learning.  Technology has become a crutch. It is a short cut that limits a child’s ability to explore meaning and understanding.

RAA is a tech-free zone.

This is a radical departure from modern education, but it works.  Rather than rely on the internet, students are encouraged to do research through books.  Rather than give PowerPoint presentations, students memorize classic poems and recite it to their classmates or narrate their understanding of a text. Rather than type papers on a Google Doc, our students actually write out assignments using longhand!

Our students are more well suited for high school and college because they have a stronger foundation in learning that they can apply to today’s educational technology. 

Wait  Until After 8th Pledge

RAA is part of a national movement to protect children by holding off from introducing mobile devices, social media and other forms of technology until after 8th grade.  We invite parents and students to take the “Wait Until (After) 8th” pledge.