Every child is uniquely different and has their own strengths and challenges. We love that about our students because that’s what makes our school community at Regina Angelorum Academy so diverse, the way God beautifully designed it.

There are certain skills that prepare our students well for high school and beyond. Here are a few that Catholic educators are proud to nurture and develop in our students.

1.   They take direction well

Small class sizes allows for more one on one attention and small group instruction. This gives more opportunity for students to receive specific directions and the attention and feedback they need to in turn develop more independence in the long run.

2.   They’re organized

Structure and order is carried out within Catholic schools and it calls for students to keep organized. Students are held accountable for keeping their folders, desks, handwriting, and environments organized.

Over time most of our students grow a natural muscle for keeping order. This has proven to increase work efficiency and even mental health. Don’t worry though, there’s still room for lots of creativity within the classrooms!

3.   They know right from wrong

Catholic schools discipline from a place of Love and reason just like Jesus calls us to. The opportunity of a smaller school and private education allows for administration and teachers alike to have meaningful relationships with our students. This leads to valuable conversations and lifelong lessons.

4.   They have an appreciation for their community

With the world becoming more virtual, our children’s standard of socialization has succumbed to social media, video games and texting. Even though Catholic Schools have proven our abilities in technology through virtual learning amidst the pandemic, we also place much value on in person relationships and building solid communities.

Comradery, teamwork, and school spirit are like no other in Catholic Education. Whether you encounter the principal, volunteer parent, custodian, students, office administrator, or classroom teacher you can feel a sense of unity.

The more a student experiences positive communities the more they surround themselves with positive community in the future—which is critical in choosing friendships and making life decisions. At RAA, we offer a technology-free curriculum which allows our children to explore the world around them with other students and discover the truth, beauty, and goodness in God’s world.

5.   They’ve been given an opportunity to grow in their Faith

Our students are exposed to so many gifts the Catholic Church gives us; scripture, sacraments, prayer, and fellowship. Inspirational posters of saints and liturgical and symbols displayed throughout our halls can make an impact on our students. They’ve not only been taught theology, but have learned that within the walls of a Christ centered, Christian environment, love flows.

The most valuable tool for life is to be equipped with Faith and it is our goal to give our students opportunities to grow their relationship God, have an encounter with God, or even simplly plant the seed about God.

To learn more about how our Catholic faith is interwoven with a Classical Education at Regina Angelorum Academy, click here.