Ms. Jill Gannon,1st Grade

 Ms Jill Gannon joined the faculty of Regina Angelorum Academy in 2014 as a Physical Education Teacher.   In 2015, Ms Gannon began teaching first grade.  Ms. Gannon earned a B.S. in Elementary and Special Education from St. Joseph’s University in 2012 and is certified in Elementary Education K-6 and Special Education through 12th grade.  Ms. Gannon has completed training in  Spell to Write and Read,  a method of phonics instruction based on The Writing Road to Reading and the Spalding Method.

“My motivation for teaching is my love of inspiring children to learn.  To see their faces light up when they grasp a new and challenging concept, when they get overly excited learning about Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, when they display pure and earnest faith in God through their participation in prayer and religion lessons — I can’t imagine spending each day doing anything other than being the one to teach the children of RAA.”