At a Glance


  • Regina Angelorum Academy is an independent, Catholic Liberal Arts, coeducational school.
  • It is located 5 miles west of Philadelphia in the heart of the Main Line.
  • RAA draws students from Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.
  • Transportation is provided within a 10-mile radius.
Fast Facts
  • 129 students Pre-K through 8th grade
                + Early Childhood 35
                + lower school 53
                + middle school 41
  • 68 girls, 61 boys
  • 18 administrators, faculty, and staff
What is the Aim of a Catholic Liberal Arts Academy?
   The goal of academic excellence is the formation of men and women intellectually and emotionaly able to enter into, and affect, the world around them. The classical term to refer to the
skills necessary to produce such well-formed individual is “liberal arts” – arts that, when mastered makes one free. In every subject…the aim of liberal arts education is to give the student the principles of the subject studied in such a way that he will be able to make right judgements about that area of reality. That is why this kind of education is called “liberal” education. Liberal means “free”; a liberally educated man is a free man because he is able to direct his own life and is not dependent upon the judgements or understading of others.
            Laura M. Berquist, Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum