Art History


In our 45 minute- long, weekly lessons in Art History, the aim is to complement and enrich the classical, liberal arts curriculum by exposing the children to works of art created in the time periods their study of History covers. The goal is to stir the students’ interest, cultivate their taste, and develop their skills of observation, analysis, and description.
The Lecture headings show just how much the Church’s calendar informs the art history curriculum, while the weeks between liturgical seasons allow for plenty of time to explore secular subjects and themes.
The vast and rich store of Christian art provides us with an indispensable aid to deepen our Faith, increase our appreciation of its holy Mysteries, and strengthen our Catholic identity. At the same time, our Christian perspective gives us a clear lens through which to look at creative works of a secular nature, and of other cultures.

Students will still benefit from a review of their lessons by revisiting these images, found under lecture titles, in separate files below.


-Susan Cannon

Art History Teacher



Lecture 1-Introduction-Part 1

Lecture 1-Introduction-Part 2

Lecture 2-Architecture

Lecture 3-Chartres Cathedral-Part 1.1

Lecture 3-Chartres Cathedral- Part1.2 

Lecture 4- Chartres-Stained Glass Windows

Lecture 5-All Saints

Lecture 6-Chartres Cathedral-Part 3

Lecture 16-Holy Week- Part 1

Lecture 17-Holy Week- Part 2

Lecture 29-1492 A.D.

Lecture 30-Giotto

Lecture 32-Giotto

Lecture 33-Snowscapes

Lecture 34-Jan van Eyck

Lecture 35-St. Joseph and St. Benedict